Thursday, July 18, 2013

Craftcamp Winter 2013

An awesome day today with the craftcampers.
This morning we had good old softies workshop where we got out the trusty old templates and the kids then got designing their own versions. Some really great results - tooth pillows [complete with pockets for fangs], overfed robots, dogs, dollies and other lovely and strange creatures.

Then we had the the very first amazing plants and flowers workshop where we first looked at and discussed the components of flowers. Then we observed and drew real flowers and then made our own with wire, coloured masking tape, card, paper and other random bits and pieces.
So much beautiful work. I managed to have a moment to document some of the process too. 
May [the maker of the above work] missed out on the team photo as she was too engrossed in making. What awesome making it was! 

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